Guam's Cultural Dynamics

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Guam’s Cultural Dynamics and Its Relevance to The United States of America
SSG Huerta, Joseph
Air Defense Artillery Advance Leaders Course Guam’s Cultural Dynamics and Its Relevance to The United States of America Guam and its Chamorro people have been a vital dynamic of culture in the United States. Many cultural variables are unique to Guam. Therefore, this paper will illustrate Guam’s political construction, military relevance, economic status, and infrastructure. Moreover, understanding Guam’s cultural variables are essential to being more culturally aware and understanding how important Guam is for the United States of America. Guam’s political structure is based on America's political construction. Guam is an annexed territory
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Much of Guam’s economy is fed by the United States America’s military presence in the island nation. Other than military spending on the island, another enormous driver of Guam’s economy is tourism. Due to Guam’s tropical environment and beaches, the island nation is a popular tourist destination to nearby Asian nations. South Koreans and Japanese citizens frequent the island for vacations frequently. Guam’s economic stability is founded in the presence of the United States of America’s military on the…show more content…
The political system of Guam needs to be addressed. Will the United States grant Guam statehood? The American military presence in Guam is fundamental in ensuring that the United States maintains a strong foothold in the Pacific theater of operations. The deployment of the THAAD missile system is essential for the protection of the United States’ military assets. Guam’s economy is highly influenced by the American military presence and tourism. The waning infrastructure of the island nation is a major concern for Guam’s officials. These variables constitute the fundamentals of understanding Guamanian culture.

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