Guan Xi: An Indispensable Elements In The Workplace In Chinese Culture

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Question 6

It is argued that guan xi is an indispensable element in the workplace in Chinese culture. Is it a blessing or a curse to corporate development?

In Chinese society, it is not new knowledge that we need Guan xi in workplace to smooth the corporate development. According to Provis(2004), Guan xi is a relations building process involving ways that exchange benefits, know each other better and commitments between members within the circle. They pass benefits to each other. (p.48). So and Walker(2006) states it is influenced by ‘San Gang’ from long history of Confucianism of Chinese that family should take care of each other by rules(p.89-90). It is difficult to judge whether Guan xi is a blessing or curse because there are many factors for a corporation to succeed in a long term and Guan xi is just one of the elements, but in short term it definitely has effect on doing business in China.
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For instance, Hill(2012) has a case study that DMG Shanghai has gained a first mover advantage in TV special filming effects by partnering with Bing Wu and Peter Xiao in China to allow them to shoot in forbidden places in China.(p.118) Luo(2000) also raised an example of Motorola that it

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