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Guantanamera celebrates Cuban paradoxes in a comedy as well as in a serious tone about life,death, and politics. Tomas Gutierrez Alea did a tremendous job directing this film specifically for one element the motion in the film. Guantanamera, which means "a woman from Guantanamo," starts out with Gina, played by Mirtha Ibarra, awaiting her Aunt Yoyita in Guanatanamo. Yoyita is a famous singer living in Havana who has not been to Guantanamo in 50 years.She reunites with her old lover and unexpectedly dies when she sees a young girl. In the following paragraphs I will discuss various components that I have observed in this film from techniques to themes. To begin, The film Guantanamera has several main characters; Gina, Mariano, Adolfo, Candido and lastly the funeral driver. Gina was a professor of economics and she was known for helping her students think outside the box. She is also the spouse of Adolfo. Gina represents my title the most because in the opening scences with her aunt Yoyita she is…show more content…
Mariano was the student of Gina. He has degree in engineer but he also drives a truck. Cuba economy is in desperate need of repair. Although Mariano has obtained a degree he must also work another job to support his needs. Mariano represents the people in Cuba who craves freedom. The freedom to travel to one part of the island to another without having so many restrictions. Another action of Mariano that exemplifies his thirst for freedom is the amount of women he has in his life. For example, in the opening scenes the viewers are able to see a woman who is crazy over Mariano. She travels close to Havana just to cause harm on him. However, his friend is the one who receives all the backlash. There is one girl who does capture his heart in that is Gina. He goes through great lengths to be with her because he is simply in love. You also can see the change in Mariano from being a womanizer to falling for one

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