Film Analysis: Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy is a Marvel team super hero film. Nonetheless, it is controversial to the audience whether it fits the sub-genre of a team-up film such as The Avengers. Due to the characters, none of them have their individual movie like Iron Man. However, James Gunn uses points of view and actor’s acting to enhance the intimacy among the characters that makes this movie fits into the team super hero film genre. In addition, Gunn uses makeups to not make any of the roles too standout because they all have unique appearances that balance out on screen. In Guardians of the Galaxy, characters’ relationships has been clearly shown to the audience. The story begins when Peter Quill steals the orb, which has the power to destroy the entire planet. The relationships between Peter, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax is complicated that they are trying to take advantages out of each other, when they first meet. However, after getting into prison, they are forced to work together as a team. In the sequence, when Rockets explains the escape plan to the group, the point of view shot focuses on Rocket, Peter, and Gamora. Moreover, the shot includes Groot removing the battery on the high defensive wall because every one has their duties to assist the entire group to escape. This sequence…show more content…
However in Guardians of the Galaxy, every character has being created significantly enough that none of them would take over another character in the same frame. Since everyones’ makeups are unique, the costumes were designed to be less colorful unlike the Avengers, which have less weird skin colors and faces. For instance, Gamora has a green makeup all over her body and Drax who has red tattoos on his body. Therefore, this is another filmmaking technique that Gunn used to make Guardians of the Galaxy a team superhero film, but not a single hero movie because everyone is

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