Guatemala Interview Paper

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Emma Klucas etic perspective on Guatemala. My interview with Emma Klucas was on November 9th, 8:00 P.M. I interviewed her right oafter her mother, Blanca and she insisted her mom to be there in order to add more information. Emma is half Guatemalan but has lived in Vancouver, Washington all her 18 years of life. She has been in Guatemala occasionally and can identify the cultural differences that she has observed. I told her to start off by telling me how she would describe Guatemala, in which she respond, “it is an urban but rural at the same, I only see mostly poverty but the rich people own almost everything.” In Guatemala it is hard to move up on social class and improve on yourself since you are usually working to obtain the basic needs everyday. There are also not many education options since school is…show more content…
I asked her of here was anything different in family structure since the lifestyle is diifernet. “Everything over there depends on the income and your society class.” According to her the dad usually works at the farm and the mom even children sell clothing, food, and jewelry. “ Everyone works if you are poor in order to bring money to the house, honestly you are better off marrying rich there if you are poor.” She stated. However that is not quite simple since they usually marry within endogamy. The gender roles in Guatemala, consist of gender stratification. According to Emma, males are dominate, head of household and tends to work all day while women are mostly housewives but if needed they work in stands. “Sometimes women are used as object, rape is common, and women needs to be careful walking alone” she explained to me. As for the laws they are not upheand are not strict at all so it easy do unlawful actions and get away with it. “You can give the policemen money and get away with almost anything, there are many people being raped and killed.” Emma said. I asked her if could describe the people in
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