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Sex sells. Gucci utilizes this well-known marketing strategy to sell their new line of perfume in Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is the ideal space to sell products intended to attract a more vain audience, the word “vanity” is in the title. Gucci uses the images and text seen in the advertisement to create a fantasy for the readers of Vanity Fair by appealing to their audience’s desire for glamour, fashion, and luxury, as well as their desire to fit in with their peers and be desirable to a romantic partner. Vanity Fair is a popular culture magazine in which readers can find pages filled with anything from music and movie reviews, entertainment, fashion, celebrity gossip, beauty, and politics. While the magazine does have some serious articles…show more content…
The first is the brand and the perfume. The largest word on this entire two-page advertisement is “GUCCI,” followed closely by “BAMBOO,” directly under the famous brand name. While this text doesn’t serve any direct purpose in the message of the ad, it is clearly still necessary so readers know what product the ad is promoting. The second use of text is a much more integral part of the advertisement’s message. Just above the large brand is the slogan for the perfume in tiny letters, almost as if it is being whispered to the readers: “Underneath it all she wears.” This line of text clearly falls under their overarching marketing strategy that “sex sells.” Adding to the sexual nature of this ad are the words’ location on the ad’s spread: directly next to the model. The sexy catchphrase already has readers thinking about what the model is wearing (or not wearing) “underneath it all.” Furthermore, the model is seductively leaning against the bamboo wall with her hands up, almost in a surrendering position. The entire block of text, when read all together and placed next to the alluring model, implies that underneath everything that a sexy woman is wearing, she is wearing this perfume. The ad is using the text to promote a strong correlation between the seduction that the model is emanating and the BAMBOO perfume that they imply she is wearing “underneath it

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