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Gucci has encountered numerous progressions since it opened its first baggage organization in Florence in 1921. At to start with, it essentially sold just extravagance calfskin merchandise. Inside of a couple of years the store got to be main-stream among global and rich customer base. By the 1950's Gucci's worldwide vicinity was built up with its first store in the US. Before long Gucci's items snatched the consideration of numerous capable superstars including Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Gucci went so far as to name a sack in its range the "Jackie O", after the previous first woman Jackie Kennedy. These ladies spoke to polish and style, which improved the prestigious quality of Gucci. The faction of famous people had started, through film, TV and magazines. By the 1970's stores were opened in London, Paris, Palm Beach, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It has turned into a genuinely worldwide extravagance brand. This report would give a brief account on the background of Gucci, growth of Gucci and then state various activities the brand has engaged in, which have helped it to stay so relevant. The report would then show a pestle analysis of the company, the porter’s five
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The use of Ansoff Matrix would mainly be for analysing the external business environment of the Gucci Group, so as to truly grasp knowledge of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses and then show some of the reasons backing the successful growth of the Gucci Group. Existing Product New Product

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