Guerilla Tactics During The Vietnam War

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For many years there have been military conflicts in the Middle East, between the countries of the Middle East and sometimes between them and outside superpowers. They have endured these conflicts because their society is a very basic technologically lacking civilization. Because of their weaker standpoint, especially against countries like America or Britain, they have had to resort to guerilla warfare to be able to stand a fighting chance against these superpowers. This leads to the collateral damage played on the news and the deaths of U.S. military personnel. This makes the war seem like a hopeless standstill where no one side is winning which is similar to another American conflict that ended terribly, the Vietnam War. As Marie Antoinette said “there is nothing new but what was forgotten” and that applies here the U.S. is fighting a guerilla force that hides in the civilian population…show more content…
As was then it is now, the war has drawn criticism from the civilian populace back home, which is diminishing the war effort again another similarity to the Vietnam War. These guerilla tactics have attracted controversy from Americans, these tactics have been effective to this point, leaving U.S. troops with limited options in how to deal with the insurgent threat. The United States has been at war in Afghanistan since 2001 and from then till now the military forces there have had to deal with person borne improvised explosive devices (PBIED), and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) (Standoff IED …). These devices do more than just wound or kill they attack the mind, it makes every soldier there question every pile of rubble every civilian every little

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