Guerilla Tactics: Victory Of The Revolutionary War

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Guerilla tactics of the American Colonials helped their war effort Anyone who knows anything about the American Revolution knows that the Colonist’s militias were known for their battle tactics. They had multiple different tactics but most commonly know is their guerilla warfare tactics. Guerilla tactics were a major reason for the victory of the war. Instead of the traditional warfare Britain used guerilla tactics were more successful due to its sense of surprise. Although the British have fought wars all around the world they weren’t ready for these new tactics. The Colonists used these tactics very strategically. Guerilla warfare was a crucial tactic that helped the Americans win the war.
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The British came over to the colonies thinking that this war would be over in a couple months. Their young soldiers with their boosted morale were not ready for what was waiting. The Americans had nothing to lose and the British thought this would be like all of the other wars they have fought all over the war. Although the Colonialists have never fought before they were more experienced, tougher, and knew the land better. The guerilla tactics crippled the British. They have never seen this style of fighting before and were not ready. The surprise attacks could not be stopped. The British did not expect to be fighting a war like this and had no idea how to counter it. The Americans strategy was t use guerilla warfare and it worked for them the British were completely thrown off guard by this and it cost them the war in the…show more content…
Britain has fought in multiple wars across the world during this time period. They have taken prisoners and made them join their ranks adding these prisoners to their already massive army made them unstoppable. Britain was a powerhouse and no one has ever been successful from breaking from them before. The odds were completely against the colonialists. Their size, skill, and experience out weighed the Continental army by a landslide. George Washington himself believed he was going to lose the war at some moments. Guerilla warfare changed the direction of the war. Even though there was close calls the tactics used worked by slowly chiseling away at their massive army although there were a lot of other major battles these tactics won them the war. This implement of skills was crucial to their success. Cornwallis, a highly motivated and experienced leader, was distraught when he heard of these brilliant tactics of Washington and his militias. The British Empire for the first time fell to its knees and even signed off on the breaking away of these colonies. The guerilla tactics were a key-fighting tactic that turned the war around.
Guerilla warfare has been used through out history with both successful and non-successful out comes. The British have never fought against it before and this threw them off guard. Although these tactics mainly involve
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