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La Guerra Sucia La Guerra Sucia is the worst war in Argentina’s history. The war started in 1974 and ended around 1983. During this period military and security forces known as the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (Triple A) hunted down and killed left-wing guerrillas, political dissidents, and anyone believed to be associated with socialism. 30,000 plus people disappeared and taken to detention centers where they were tortured and eventually killed. A military coup overthrew Juan Peron and restored Argentine oligarchy in 1955. During the 18 years Peron was imprisoned, Peron used Montonero insurgents as a primary means of breaking the resultant political impasse. Also used them as a bridge to a worker-based movement and to rebellious youth movements. Argentina experienced three failed attempts at rural guerrilla warfare between 1959 and 1969. By…show more content…
Soon after the coup, Peronist resistance began organizing in workplaces and trade unions as they sought economic and social improvements. Guerrilla groups began to operate in the 1960s, mainly the Peronist Uturuncu and the Guevarist People's Guerrilla Army. Both were small and weak and were taken down immediately. According to the International Congress for Victims of Terrorism in 2010, before the military takeover in ‘76 a total of 16,000 people were killed, abducted, or wounded by left-wing guerrilla fighters, including civilians and military personnel. ERP guerrillas were responsible for killing 700 plus people during La Guerra Sucia. Many of the people killed were tortured very badly and the people that weren't captured were not allowed to do anything. They couldn't leave their house without being shot at. There were no innocent ones in the atrocities that were committed during this war, the only ones that weren't were the innocent ones murdered for no

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