Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Analysis

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was a good movie. It covered all the basics in a movie. I feel like it was very well written and had a very well picked cast. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner without a doubt was groundbreaking for its time, through its portrayal of the relationship shared between a white woman and a black man. However, I feel like the movie is outdated. What the film captured was the social codes that existed around race and relationship and the tension that existed for both blacks and whites.
From a white male deciding the ultimate fate of the couple to limiting the number of intimate scenes between Houghton and Poitier, the movie was designed to comfort whites into the idea of interracial marriage. In present times, that’s not what happens, that style of movie has become obsolete. The movie was told through the white perspective and ultimately glorified white acceptance of these new social
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It shows young African-American musicians being harassed by cops in the movie, Straight out of Compton, which is what they should show. Movies that show the truth get more results, and they get their point across more thoroughly. In Django Unchained, It showed how very cruel the slave trade really was. In 42, it showed how difficult it was for a black man to make it into a major league sport. In the movie The Express, it showed a young African American fighting through racial barriers to be accepted by his teammates and the whole nation in college football. All of those movies showed the terrible side of racism and I feel like they got their point across very well. Guess Who’s coming to dinner was a great movie for its time frame, it’s time has passed though as being relevant when it comes to showing racism to the audience. Now Movies show the bad side of racism, not just what will not be as offensive to all members of the audience. To get a point across, you have to show the whole story, not just the good
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