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The guest sharing has definitely helped me to understand the transgender community in broader and deeper perspectives, including the specific definitions of transgender, as well as the real life experiences of Kasper and Sakura. My attitudes towards transgender changed again after the sharing. Since I already knew it is challenging for transgender or even other sexual minorities to come out, by the documentaries or interviews I have seen on social media before the sharing. Yet, through the sharing by Kasper and Sakura, it has definitely surprised me by how many obstacles they have faced and the challenges they are still facing.
First, I cannot imagine how much they have to sacrifice just to eliminate the feeling of ‘trapping in the wrong body’. They may find themselves having a reborn life, but that also indicates that they have to give up all the achievements they have established with the previous assigned gender. Due to the stereotypes towards transgender, sometimes they have to give up their careers, the close relationships such as friends, family and partners when they do not accept the fact of them becoming a transgender.
It is cruel that the transgenders have to be accepted by the public, despite that fact they are not causing any harm to society. They have to gain the acceptance from their bosses to stay and
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We should think about how struggled they were before confirming themselves as a transgender, going through all the time-consuming assessments by psychologists and psychiatrists, to the decision of becoming the opposite gender. Transgenders not only have to bear the physiological pain from the complicated operations, but also the psychological stress created from family, friends and the public. I really admire and appreciate the courage of these two guests since they have to be very brave to stand on the stage and share their stories with

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