Argumentative Essay On Guest Workers

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What is the American dream? Who does this dream really apply to? And why is this still a driving force behind the beliefs of Americans? These are all questions I encountered when I thought about guest workers in America. Guest workers are basically people who leave their country to work in foreign nations for specific time periods, and then return home. And they take up specifically manual labor jobs. I believe guest workers should not be permitted inside the United States because this results in unjust treatment and a degrading economy and lifestyle for both, the migrant workers and citizens. And just to be clear I’m against specifically the concept of guest workers but not immigration as a whole.
I believe this for many reasons. The first reason being, contradictory to popular belief, guest workers do not help the economy. As guest workers come into the United States, they
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It will result in less chain migration. Chain migration is basically when there is migration from one specific area to another repeatedly, which in this case is places like Sweden which are too expensive or places like Sri Lanka which face shortage of resources sending workers to the US. Hence, defeating the whole purpose of immigration in the US, which is to create diversity. And as mentioned no one really benefits from this, neither the citizens, nor the guest workers but only the exploiters. USA should limit migrants but instead of giving guest worker visas, actual work permits and citizenship be given to that limited number, therefore abolishing the guest worker programs. This is because today the US also faces a crisis of birth rate and fertility rate that can be countered by adding citizens. This will also help in reducing exploitation because there will be no more fear of deportation which is what migrant workers go through, which means it’s a benefit for everyone and causes overall good to
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