Guidance And Counselling Reflection Paper

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In this semester, I have been exposed to the subject of Introduction to Guidance and Counselling which is a new field of study for me. After I have received this lesson, I can relate my experiences with what I have learned. Not only that, I also have different perspective towards after I learned this subject. The aspects that I can relate my experiences and thoughts with are the differences between advice, guidance and counselling as well as the goals of counselling. Before this, I thought advice, guidance and counselling are generally the same, but I found that there is a huge difference between those terms. Advice is giving opinions or recommendation to individuals and it is based on the helper’s ability, potential, understanding, experiences and knowledge. The individuals may or may not be able to follow the specific advice due to different potentials in oneself. Moreover, anyone can give advice at anytime and anywhere. It is like a situation where someone is giving opinion to me on how to gain weight by taking supplements, but her recommendation maybe not suitable for me to follow because I might suffer some side-effects. Moreover, guidance is giving information to someone so that he or she can make their own choices. On the other hand, a professional counsellor is a highly trained individual that help people to cope with problems by listening and questioning so that we can make the right decision. The counsellor is not the one who makes the decision; he or she just

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