Guidance And Redirection As A Curriculum Essay

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Guidance and Redirection as a curriculum Guidance and redirection foster socialization and strengthen security by providing children with boundaries and choices with set limits and guide behaviour. When children are consistently led toward safe boundaries, they build trust (Erik Erikson- psychosocial theory). Redirecting behaviours teaches children what to do, rather than what not to do. As children make more positive choices, they develop their self-esteem. Use words with every child to state the class rules that help guide behaviours: “Hitting hurts – hands are for touching,” “No biting! We keep our friends safe.” When working with a team of adults, it is helpful for everyone to use the same guiding language and the same limits throughout…show more content…
• Meaningful Experiences – Family is the most meaningful & primary to a child. Healthy relationships with families assist caregivers in building strong relationships with children.
• Individualization – Families are experts on their own children and provide crucial information, ranging from learning styles to sleeping patterns. Then caregiver can provide more attention when it required.
• Culturally Appropriate Curriculum – A child’s home language and culture can play a significant role in the child’s cognitive and linguistic development. When parents share aspects of their child’s background, caregivers can incorporate family traditions into the child’s daily routine to help support the home-child care connection.
• Language and Literacy Foundation - By educating parents and involving them in language-rich activities in the child care program; caregivers can have a lifelong impact on a child’s value of literacy.
• Parents should keep in touch with caregivers- to feel free with both child and parents, also get to know about children developmental or the psychological issues, even parent can share their inabilities then care giver will mend the child’s heart

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