Guided Pathways Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…The small problems. In Guided Pathways, some small problems are money, class, education, and the last can go on. The big problem are students not completing their education. For example, the passage for Guided Pathways stated "Nationally, only about half of full-time students pursuing a four-year degree graduate — in six years.” This will cause full time students still take an extra 2 years to graduate. If an extra 2 years of college originally happened without guided pathways, what problem are they solving? This essay leads up to the readers to realize what small problems can be coming from Guided Pathways. Students are still not finishing on time and making career decisions even more difficult due to the fact that they aren 't allowed to switch majors/courses whenever they don 't feel comfortable anymore. The purpose for this paper to make improvements in this program, instead of just throwing out all the qualities it has offered. Some other issues I have come to notice are why are students spending so much time and money on classes that are useless for them? Why aren 't the counselors at colleges helping students? Why aren 't students getting the necessary credits they need for their graduation? Why aren 't students graduating on time? Why aren 't there more programs that make sure students graduate on time? Why is the government allowing students to waste so much money on college? These…show more content…
For social class communities, Why did most people that went to urban college not complete there degrees? How low is the rate? How is the flexibility a bad thing? How well do the students manager their work, families, and college together? What do the student think about these colleges they get accepted to? Do they like them? How well are they learning? What would they like more of? What would help the students to know their focus area more? What they are really into? Do they like the options to having plenty of programs? Would they like the courses to be
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