High Fidelity Thesis Statement

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1. Introduction and thesis statement: Please write an enticing introductory paragraph (6-8 lines) in which you identify the title of the film you have watched and provide a discernible thesis statement. (Please see sheet attached for tips on how to write a plausible introduction and thesis statement.) 2. Characters, Plot, Setting: Provide a summary of the film (10 lines maximum) in which you address the following questions: 2.1. What is the story about? 2.2. Where does it take place in Spain? 2.3. Who are the characters around whom the story revolves? What are they like? 3. Main theme: Identify the main theme of the film and any other sub-themes if present—e.g., rural vs. urban life, euthanasia, resistance during the Spanish Civil War,…show more content…
The films found in this movie were challenging at times to find but as the film progressed the themes became apparent to me. I liked the initial struggle to find meaning in the film while being able to continue and discover the themes as the film moved forward. I agree with many of the critics that this film was executed flawlessly and the director, Guillermo del Toro, did an amazing job at portraying his ideas into film. When reading reviews and commentaries on what others thought about the film I seemed to agree more and more. I agree that power is oftentimes skewed and leads to inequality and rage, as we found in Vidal’s life and the unraveling of his seemingly perfect grand plan in the ending to the movie. The entwining of a war film and a fairytale sounds impossible or would only be executed in a messy manner. Guillermo del Toro did this effortlessly and played upon both the war aspects and the fairytale aspects to tie together the film. He played off of the innocence of the mother and Ofelia to highlight the power Vidal had over them and the power that Vidal represented in Franco having over the people of Spain. The story of Spain’s history in this film and its success across the globe and especially in the United States of America makes this a must see for all spaniards and all that are studying Spanish or Spanish culture. I entirely recommend the feel to
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