Guillian Barre Syndrome Case Study

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Carlos Sanchez
Mr. Gilla
Period 3
January, 19 2018
Guillian Barre Syndrome Problem Statement:
Guillain Barre Syndrome is a type of autoimmune system disease that affects the brain and movement of muscles. One to two in one hundred thousand get affected. Guillian Barre can develop at any age; however older ages are affected more. Men are more likely to get Guillian Barre than women. Countries that had the Zika Virus usually get affected the most, as studies have shown. While Guillian Barre Syndrome might be rare, it is a disorder that must be treated immediately to save a life. History/Literature Review:
The first case of Guillain Barre was in 1916, during World War 1. Guillian Barre gets its name from the scientists named George Guillian, Jean Alexandre Barre and Andre Sthrol. Guillian and Barre studied neurology and were doctors for the French army. They reported a case where two soldiers were half paralyzed. Both the soldiers, however were able to recover. Guillian, Barre and Sthrol published a paper saying that movement of muscles was weakened and protein level in the cerebrospinal fluid was raised and this paper was
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The first treatment is called plasma exchange or plasmapheresis. A liquid portion from the blood called plasma is removed and separated from the blood cells. The plasma is then brought back into the body, which produces more plasma that was taken away by the attacking immune system. This treatment may even remove certain antibodies which made the immune system attack in the first place. The second treatment is called immunoglobulin therapy, which is receiving healthy Immunoglobulin from blood. It is a antibody capable of removing bacteria and viruses from the immune system. If a donor donates enough, the immunoglobulin can stop the immune system from attacking itself and the peripheral

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