Guilt And Sin In The Scarlet Letter

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Importance of Guilt and Sin Sin by definition is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. Sin is a main point in the book The Scarlet letter. This act is committed by many characters and plays an essential role in the conflict of the novel. Guilt is also felt after these sins are perpetrated. There are very strong and independent characters in this book that affected by these actions. In the novel The Scarlet Letter, guilt and sin are major problems because they affect many characters, cause conflict, and are symbolized by many things. Guilt and sin is represented in the novel because they both affect many of the characters. There are few characters in this book but almost everyone of them is affected by these two…show more content…
Sin is symbolized by Pearl Prynne because she is the outcome of two people committing a sin. Also Pearl can symbolize sin because she was raised around constant sin. As pearl was growing up she was looked upon as evil and forsaken because of her mother. Guilt is symbolized by Dimmesdale's sickness. Dimmesdale's sickness symbolizes guilt because it caused by him feeling guilty. He was feeling guilty for what he did with Hester. The Massachusetts bay colony and the city of Boston symbolizes guilt and sin because these events happen here. The city of boston symbolizes sin because the town is still known for Hester's sin and the townspeople can not forget. I also think the town feels guilty for letting such a thing happen. The author is talking how the town is always dark and dark could mean sin and evil. Guilt and sin are main issues in the book The Scarlet Letter. Many characters in the scarlet letter experience these feelings. Also guilt and sin are highly important in this novel because they help the book and they create conflict between characters. However guilt and sin are also symbolized by characters and places in this book. The actions of the characters are caused by guilt and sin, and these actions they commit mold the
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