Guilt In Shawshank Redemption

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“Guilt is an unnecessary war with self.” ( Adam John) This makes us question what is guilt? Some say it’s ‘bothered conscience’, Some describe it as ‘a feeling of culpability for offences. ‘ however it is much more than that. Guilt is an underestimated aspect of human life. A person living with guilt can be elucidated like a prisoner who dreams to be a free man like Andy Dufresne in the movie Shawshank redemption. on the contrast Andy was not living with guilt whereas an guilty man like Amir was ; the guilt changed Amir as a boy and made him mentally caged. Throughout the novel , Amir is plagued with guilt. He constantly thinks about his actions, is bothered by them but does not seem to know how to resolve the situation , how to stop the battle going within him, until Rahim Khan gives him a way, a way to be ‘good’ again. First we observe that Amir seems to be guilty as…show more content…
He is always in the quest of redemption in some way or the other. He avoids Hassan at times and talks rudely to him just to make Hassan hate him, He wanted Hassan to detest him, some hurt him so he is able to free himself from his guilt, he even urges Hassan to throw pomegranates at him. Amir also asks Baba to replace the servants and when Baba denies to do so he places the money he got on his birthday under Hassan’s mattress to make him go away because he was not able face Hassan everyday as it reminded him about his failure as a friend and as a man for which he is guilty even after years so as to find redemption he places some money under the mattress at Farid’s house on learning that the boys who he thought were looking at his watch were actually staring at the food which he was eating.; “Earlier that morning when I was certain no one was looking . I did something I had done 26 years earlier. I planted a fistful of crumpled money under a
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