Guilty In Richard Eugene Hickock's In Cold Blood

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Dick from In Cold Blood maintained that he was less guilty and did not deserve the death penalty. In stating this, Dick was not correct that he was less guilty. There are justifiable proofs that diminish his chances of being less guilty. These proofs are found within the book and can be represented through his demeanors and actions prior to and after the night. Richard Eugene Hickock (Dick) in In Cold Blood is just as guilty as Perry in that he had clearly displayed his intent for killing the Clutter family. Dick did not have any second thoughts about the murder. He had firmly wanted to walk-in and kill the Clutter family despite their innocence. Dick viewed the Clutters’ as an opportunity that was going to make him rich. There was not any …show more content…

Perry wasn’t just included in the plan, he was hand-picked by Dick. Dick believed that Perry had the killer mentality that was necessary to kill the Clutters’. Dick was very opportunistic towards Perry and wanted to use him. By using Perry, Dick proves that he is a manipulator who is also the mastermind behind the plan. The situation of Dick and Perry is comparable to the situation that had occurred twenty years prior to the Clutter family murder. This situation is that of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Hitler was an evil mastermind who manipulated and persuaded the Nazi Party to kill millions of Jews. Dick is similar to Hitler in that he manipulated and persuaded Perry to kill the Clutters’. While the comparison between Dick and Hitler may seem dire, it does not deviate from the fact that he is the source of the killings. The weapon that was used to kill the Clutters’ belonged to Dick. In many cases of murder, the source of the weapon used to kill is pivotal in determining the final verdict. Likewise, Dick’s shotgun being used in the murder acknowledges and solidifies that Dick came prepared to slaughter the Clutter family. The dilemma of Dick’s shotgun poses a question: why would someone declare themselves less guilty if their gun was the weapon used to kill the family? Dick becomes desperate to detach his involvement in the murder, which causes him to affirm and declare nonsensical

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