Guilty In The Scarlet Ibis

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Guilty or Not Can pride be a destructive force? Yes in “The Scarlet ibis” a crippled boy named Doodle died because his brother pushed him too hard Because he couldn 't walk. Others might say that Doodle 's brother did not kill him they will say that he is innocent. I believe that Doodle 's died because of his brother. On page “347” Doodles brother was ashamed of having a crippled brother. His brother also left him in the rain when doodle had tripped and fell. His druther didn 't turn around and help doodle. These are a couple of reasons why i think doodle died because of his brother. I also believe that doodle 's brother killed him because, on page “345” his brother had plans to smother doodle in his sleep. He also made doodle touch his
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