Guinea Pig Ileum Research Paper

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This assignment is about the study of the effect of agonist and different concentration on guinea pig ileum and it will consist of method, graph results and discussion.
Drug is defined as a chemical that has both biological and pharmacological effects on human. Its branch is pharmacology which can be divided into two branches namely pharmacodynamics and pharmaco kinetics. (C. Stephen and W. Robin (2010))
Pharmaco dynamic is about what drug does to the body and pharmaco kinetics is the study of what the body does to the drug. Drugs may produce certain effects on the cardiac muscles example ephedrine may increase heartbeat, stimulation of nerve ending in the nervous system is caused by amphetarine drug which produces changes in
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In this experiment, a programmed guinea pig ileum was used because it stimulates effects of various drugs on guinea pig ileum and has similar digestive system as humans so it will be better to study the effects of drugs on guinea pig ileum.

Aim: The Aim is to obtain dose response data for agonist and calculate for ED50 and PA2 values.
Secondly, to observe the effects of agonists and three different concentration of an antagonists in guinea pig ileum.
The organ bath file was opened and we examined tissue type and Agonist and Antagonists of different drugs which were available.
Guinea pig ileum was selected as tissue type and Acetyl choline as agonists.
Then different amount of acetylcholine were added to the organ bath which produced different results and finally, a log – dose response curve for acetyl- choline was constructed with the X axis corresponding to drug dose (Drug concentration) and the Y axis corresponding to response (gms). Then we calculated for (ED50) and (ECR) with the help of the graph.

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Ach Control Conc. Ach Atropine 1 x 10-8 M Conc. Ach Atropine 1 x 10-7 M Conc. Ach Atropine 1 x 10-6 M 3.33×10-9 0 6.67×10-8 0 6.66×10-7 0 6.67×10-6 0
9.99×10-9 12 6.66×10-7 8 7.67×10-6 5 7.55×10-5 10
1.66×10-8 18 3.32×10-6 32 6.90×10-6 10 8.52×10-5 21

26 1.64×10-5 51 7.0×10-6 20 3.39×10-5 33
3.32×10-8 33 1.96×10-4 52 8.0×10-6 57 1.28×10-3 50
4.31×10-8 37 3 .28×10-4 55 9.09×10-6 55 6.69×10-3 52
6.29×10-8 39 2.60×10-3 56 5.25×10-5 59 9.50×10-3 58
5.31×10-7 60 3.23×10-3 57 1.20×10-5 60 5.02×10-4 58

-l0g A1= 10-8=8
-log A2= 10-7=7
-LOG A3= 10-6=6
-log A4= 10-10=10

(ECR) For Drug1 = ED 50 (A1)/Control = 3/3=1
E.CR For Drug 2= ED 50 (A2)/ control = 6/3=2
E C R for drug 3 = ED50 (A3) = 9/3=3

Log (ECR1-1) =1
Log (ECR2-1) =2
Log (ECR3-1)

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