Guinevere Vs Lanval Analysis

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Guinevere from Lanval is significantly different from the Guinevere from The Wife of Bath. Guinevere from Lanval is depicted as a loose woman who is disloyal towards her own husband. Unlike Guinevere from Lanval, Guinevere from The wife of Bath is complete opposite. She is faithful and loyal to not only to her husband, but also amongst woman. She portrays as a strong feminist. The two Guinevere a have great deal of differences between them. Guinevere from Lanval is tremendously disloyal to her own husband. In fact, she is proven disloyal by her actions. Example, she persuades Lanval by whispering "Lanval, I've honored you sincerely, have cherished you and loved you dearly. All my love is at your disposal. What do you say to my proposal? Your mistress I consent to be; you should receive much joy from me." She is proven disloyal because she is exhibiting courtly love. Guinevere is also extraordinarily dependent. For instance, she lies to her husband in order to punish Lanval by crying "Lanval has done me infamy"…show more content…
She is the definition of a loyalty not only to her husband, but amongst woman. Example, she illustrates her loyalty to the king by simply saying thank you for letting her punish the knight, and she illustrates her loyalty to other women by punishing the knight in a way that teaches him a lesson. Even though she is in the story for a brief moments, she demonstrates her own independence as well as intelligence through her actions. For instance, instead of king punishing the knight for her, she requests of him to let her decide the punishments. She can punish him by castrating him, however she does not. She prolongs his death sentence in consequences of him finding the answer to her question, which her question is based upon woman's equality. Not only did she portrays independence by punishing the knight, but also portrays her intelligence to be able to teach the knight a lesson of woman's
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