Guisso R. L.: The First Emperor Of China

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Guisso R.W.L. was the author of this book I chose this book because I wanted to know more about china and in my history class we speak on china 1st Emperor who is Qin Shihuang. Guisso is a author of many books that are about china but his most famous book of them all are The first emperor of china. Guisso didn’t miss any important facts about Qin. Inside this book I find it very found of how he put in order of the emperor’s life.
Guisso begins telling his story on how Qin Shihuang was born and how he before the 1st emperor if china. He tells us that Shihuang was born as the son of the treacherous merchant. Before him becoming emperor it was a time of endless wars and many deaths. Guisso tells us that Qin was called one of the most amazing emperors who ruled china he was a conqueror, builder and a destroyer. The people of china was very undecided on if he was a demon or a demi-god. It is said that Qin was only thirteen years old when he took the throne.
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Guisso writes about the life and deeds of Qin shihuang, the warfare in china, also the life of Qin Dynasty. The things that were important to Qin the most. Guisso lets us know that Qin was a man who believes in an army so that’s why he mad his people called the Qin Dynasty. His Dynasty was made over 2,000 years ago very long time compared to now. Qin Dynasty was there for his protection and to bring the people that disobeyed him. It was controlled by the laws of harshest, cruelest and punishments when his rules were broken. Qin made laws for his People that where not meant to be broken, and if so they might have be

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