Guitar Concert Review Essay

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This concert was very intriguing to me because I have never gone to a solo guitar concert before. Before attending, I perceived that this concert would be tedious and soporific, as I believed it would only consist of slow and unenthusiastic tunes that I do not like. After attending, however, I realized how wrong I was. The first song sounded like a typical Romantic era piece; it had a mellow timbre and was quite soothing to hear. When the soloist stated that this song is played at weddings occasionally, I was not surprised at all to hear this. As he went forward in the different songs, it began to sound more and more intricate each second. When he went to the second to last set of music, the songs created by Leo Brouwer, he first played in piano; however, after about a minute or two into playing, he started playing in presto and fortissimo. That sudden jump in dynamics and tempo startled me for a second. The resulting sound reminded me of what I hear in horror movies during a jump scare. After playing this set, the soloist stated that these songs by Leo Brouwer were used for a movie. Thinking back, I did expect these songs to be movie songs after hearing their dynamics and tempo. Occasionally, the songs were played in monophonic but that did not negatively affect my viewpoint of the concert. Monophonic parts are simple…show more content…
1, BWV 1007”, part of the six suites that for Johann Sebastian Bach composed, was created between 1717 and 1723 when Bach served as Kapellmeister at the the court of Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen. This suite, along with the other five suites that Bach composed, did not become very known until 1900s. During the 1900s, Pablo Casals, a cellist, discovered the suites in a thrift shop. Pablo Cascals then in 1936 recorded the pieces at Abbey Road Studios in London. By 1939, Casals became the first to record all six suites. The acclaim for the suites soon grew soon after. The Suite No. 1 is an intricate piece with both a calm and lively
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