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Gul Ahmed offers sophisticated, elegant and beautiful designs with a wide range of colors. The company based on visualizing the needs of its customers and the emerging trend towards branded retail business in the country. Based on the tradition of facilitating quality with style, the brand has been serving it consumers with an objective to bring valued customers a complete, unbeatable and enjoyable shopping experience. The quality of the products are fine, easy to use, comfortable and long lasting. As it is one of the famous leading brand and always have succeeded in coming up with new trends and elegant styles in formal, casual and semi casual wear for children, men and women in every season. Gul Ahmed is well known for using the finest
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Through the questionnaire survey we came up with the results that price factor matters a lot to discover that what consumers perceive is actually the value of the product on time of sale, it indicates that what the customers are looking up to and what they want to pay.
The marketing strategy in term of price factor of Gul Ahmed differs from other premium brands because it tends to offer the up to date fashion and affordable products for everyone.
Gul Ahmed has attempted to target the consumers who are looking for high quality and Mediterranean style products that appears to be classic at reasonable prices and have tried to think out of box to come up with a different approach to setup a great level of satisfaction among their consumers. But over the last years to be counted as the luxurious one the brand has chosen to adapt the premium and price skimming strategy by offering the higher prices over the time of launching their new collection. Through offering the great variety of luxury pret wear the brand has targeted certain group such as fashion freaks and the youngsters especially by differentiating itself by providing high quality stuff for higher value just like other luxury brand. The brand has also used the tricks to cater the most of it by offering its unstitched one piece fabrics to set a price level that is available to
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Access to retailers and flagship stores of the brand have been made easy and compatible for almost everyone and the online store of the brand offers the complete variety of the articles even to the international consumers through shipping means. The brand has made an a lot of effort in building and establishing a good repute and name in the market by making itself a trend setter. Gul Ahmed offers products in almost every area of the targeted market so that consumers can reach out them easily. The brand also identifies the placement areas, through competition in the

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