Gulliver's Travels Analysis

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Travellers embark on journeys around the world to broaden their horizons, but ignorantly, it is one’s own self that get recognized. The three texts: Gulliver’s Travels, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and the collection of poems fully manifest the idea of travelling is about constantly ‘looking for something, something, something’ .
Similar to the renowned poem, ‘My Last Duchess’ , the three texts are written in dramatic monologue. Swift creates Gulliver to narrate his travels in first person, allowing his readers to examine his travels through men’s perspective. The narration is detailed, with an abundance of exact descriptions –‘two foot and an half high’, ‘five hundred foot long’. This increases verisimilitude to more readers as ‘most eighteenth century travellers were men from the middling and upper levels of society’ . The narrator has a strong consciousness of the presence of a reader as he frequently refers to ‘the gentle reader’ in the middle of his narration. Similarly, Hamid creates Changez as the main narrative of his novel. All twelve chapters begins with an interaction between Changez and the un-names American in Lahore in 2007, abounding with signs of threat that the American may be an intelligence operative of America. The novel begins with ‘I noticed that you were looking for something; more than looking, in fact you seemed to be on a mission’1. This introduction of hostility suggests the air of suspicion of America and Pakistan and the complexity of

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