Gum Arabic Research Paper

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Gum Arabic
Gum Arabic is also knowns as acacia gum. It's a natural gum made from harden sap taken from only two species of acacia tree, Semigallia Senegal and Vachellia seyal. These trees are original found in Africa and sometimes in Indian subcontinent. Gum Arabic is a key fixing in conventional lithography and is utilized as a part of printing, paint creation, paste, beauty care products and different mechanical applications, incorporating thickness control in inks and in material businesses ("Gum Arabic in Mountain Dew," 2011). However, the utilization of Gum Arabic is essentially use in the Food business as a stabilizer. The common symptoms when consuming Arabic is bloating, gas and loose stool, but people with an existing respiratory disease
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Though it is used everywhere and even approved by the FDA, Yellow 5 has a lot of side effects and is a deadly dye for people with pre-existing health issues. Yellow 5 causes migraines, asthma, thyroid cancer, depression, blurred vision, itchy skin and green or purple spots in your skin if consumed at a larger rate. Yellow 5 is made of petroleum and crude oil, which is also used in tar, gasoline, diesel fuel and asphalt and was made in the U.S. Yellow 5 is added to mountain dew only for color purposes.
The only thing that make mountain dew addictive is the caffeine. After looking up all the ingredients and learning only two out of twelve ingredients are safe to consume. Mountain dew is no longer my favorite soda. It has too much health threating problems for me to continue to buy this drink. I will not be consuming mountain dew no more.

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