Gum Wrigley's Last Stick Analysis

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The advertisement of Sprite that is a television commercial can be explained as words only and as words in interation with music and pictures. While the advertisement is in progress, the music and the singing voice pass through four phases. The first phase delivers a emotion of urgency, the second phase releases the previous tension, the third phase removes this rhythm and adds sound effects creating a mood of magic and mystery, and final phase repeats the second. The relation of the words to accompanying pictures and to these pheases of music is correlatable. This advertisement is divided into four scenes. The scene one is the traffic jam and music is building to a climax. The scene two is the traffic jam and music intensifies, speeds up and…show more content…
So advertisers become to rely more and more upon picutres. Today pictures have gained ground and language leans further and further towards the meanings it derives from interaction with pictures. In addition, many advertisement makes more powerful and complex messages through pictures and music, and are virtually language-free. This is “Last Stick”, a television and cinema advertisement for the best-selling chewing gum Wrigley’s Spearmint. It is a very narrative, but it is not for its skill in compressed story telling. In this advertisement, there are four distinct pictorial perspectives. There are the broad sweep of the outside world of nature, the social world of the bus and bus station, and close shot of all. The main point of this advertisement is the monogamous heterosexual relationship of a man and a woman, which in turn centres upon the product - the chewing gum. This ad is another class example of the product as the bond of love. It is presented at the centre of a sweeping view of the cosmic, social and sexual world, drawing to ir the most powerful American ideological images. Nowadays we are exposed to many advertisement either we want to see it or do not. I have never considered the effects involving these advertisement. Advertisers have tried to attract our concerns, and have improved and developed their strategies and techniques. At first it centres narrative story, but now it becomes more visual. The advertisement focusing

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