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Gummy candy,we all love it it just has something that makes us want to eat it, after you start you can’t stop.We all have eaten a least one type of gummy candy, they are amazing and delicious candy that most of us love. This amazing candy is been with us for some time now,this candy just like anyother thing has a history.Gummy candy such as gummy bears,worms,frogs,fish and other different shapes have became one of people 's favorite candy apart from chocolate.All of this delicious gummy candy has been the sensation for the past years and it still is if you walk into a store of any kind for example a gas station you will for sure find one or two types of gummy candy,why,because it 's so popular and it is one of the main candies that people look for when buying something sweet. Haribo is the home of the original gummy bears. In 1920 a German man named Riegel Bonn decided that it was time to struck on his own ,he began whipping up hard candies in his kitchen and her wife would deliver them from the basket of her bike, the new company that he created was called Haribo which stands for Riegel of Bonn (Linda Rodriguez, 2009).In 1922 Riegel was inspired by trained bears on a festival in Germany, when he saw the dancing bears he was inspired to…show more content…
Haribo has grown more because the technology they produce more gummy candy faster and it 's easier, it’s also helped because with the technology that we have now people from other countries can order the gummy candy online becuase now that’s possible, you can now taste this amazing candy, it doesn 't matter where you are. Haribo still has a good production and makes a lot of gummy bears each day to ship all over the world. Haribo has had ups and downs but they have been able to recover and continue making this delicious candy. The golden bear is still the famous logo for the gummy candy after all that 's how it all started(Jacqueline

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