Gummy Coca Cola Persuasive Speech

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Gummy Coca Cola

Have you ever been home alone and tired of having nothing to do? Well, then you should make a gummy Coca Cola. Gummy Coca Colas are gummies that are shaped like a Coca Cola bottle and taste like a crisp, sweet Coca Cola. In my experiences, gummies need to be precise, so gummies need to be measured precisely. In order to create this tasty treat, you will need 8 packs of gelatin, a 500 milliliter bottle of Coke, and 100 milliliters of hot water. If you follow these basic steps, you will have a successful gummy Coca Cola.
The first stage in making your gummy Coca Cola is prepping everything. First, empty the Coke in a medium size bowl, and let it sit out to become flat. Next, you want to remove the “Coke” label and

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