Gun And Control: An Argument Against Gun Control

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Gun control is a very popular subject in our society today. Citizens of our country do not feel safe considering the series of events that have happened in the last two decades. The term gun control is used to describe how firearms may be legally produced, sold, and used. There are laws made to regulate who may buy or own these firearms and provide requirements for registration, licensing, and carrying of concealed weapons. “While public safety is at the root of most federal, state, and local regulations, many people base their opposition to gun control on the language of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. The result is an ongoing controversy between those who see gun control as a gateway to tyranny and those who believe gun violence will continue to escalate unless access to weapons is regulated (“Gun Control”). In one side of the argument about gun control there are people who speak on the “right to bear arms.” These people also…show more content…
The Second Amendment contains two distinct phrases. It states that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed (limited).” The NRA maintains that it speaks for hunters and citizens who believe in the right to protect their families and possessions and not to harm others. However, they believe background checks are time-consuming and not effective against criminals, because they will obtain guns illegally. They also reject required safety locks on guns, arguing they would be a burden on manufacturers and defeat the purpose of keeping guns for protection. “The organization has been criticized as being merely a lobbyist for the gun industry, and it was reproached for its suggestion to arm teachers and security guards in elementary schools after the 2012 shooting of twenty children and six teachers at a school in Newtown, Connecticut.” ("Gun

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