Gun Bans In America

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The media leads you to believe in these days that guns shoot you by themselves and they are some big scary killing machine that is uncontrollable. As a result of this, the left wants to ban guns and is not considering any other options.People should be shifting their attention to other things. The issue is not the guns, it is the people that are using them. I know from personal experience that guns do not commit crimes. I own 24 guns, and not a single one of them has ever shot me when I turn my back. Gun bans have been attempted in America before and more problems were created as a result. Bans were attempted in Washington DC and Chicago, and murder rates went up instead of down. (just facts p.47-76). Sure, guns are used in murders and some…show more content…
According to David Emery, of the “18” school shootings this year, only 2 of them were a gunman opening fire in a school with the intention of hurting or killing students. Not taking anything away from them 2 schools because these are tragic and sad situations, but the media has no reason to lie and say that there were 18 school shootings. In an article written by Richard Florida, he said that 39 states allow guns to be carried by trained professionals on school premises. There are two sides to this debate and both sides have valid points. On the left, they argue that some teachers are “crazy” and there shouldn’t be guns put into their hands, there is also a chance that a student may steal the weapon and go on a rampage. The right looks at it from a criminal’s point of view, if a shooter has to pick between 2 schools to shoot up; one with carrying teachers, and one without any guns, which would they pick? In an article published my Matthew Lynch, he stated that over 80 percent of the prisoners in America are high-school dropouts. There is a major correlation between education and success in this country. Guns were probably used in many of these crimes that resulted in the shooter being put into prison. An Inmate costs the taxpayers roughly $32,000 a year, while a high school student costs $10,000. If the money is originally spent in a better education for students, there would be less drop-outs which would lead to less people in prison which leads to a drop in the crime
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