Gun Control: A Controversial Issue

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Gun Control Gun control is a very controversial issue. There are always two sides to every issue. For every person that agrees with the right to carry a firearm, there is one that disagrees. The second amendment protects the right to own a gun. Many groups feel the amendment should be rewritten. That it was written for a different place in history. Anti-gun groups feel guns are too easy to purchase. And requirements are not strict enough for ownership. They believe guns should be outlawed except for law enforcement. These groups classify all guns in the same category. There is a difference in guns and what function they were built for. One of the argument anti-gun group’s use is the second amendment is in-valid. These groups argue the constitution needs to be rewritten. This argument has…show more content…
Along with stricter gun regulations, assault weapons have been outlawed. Any weapon that has the capacity to be used in the military is illegal:or has a military capacity. The government realizes that assault weapons are not for safety. Assault weapons cannot be used to hunt. Anyone that owns an assault weapon is not intending to use it for any purpose that is legal. They are semi-automatic and full automatic pistols and rifles. They are capable of shooting multiple rounds of ammunition. The majority of responsible gun owners do not believe assault weapons should be legal. The people that oppose guns do not understand the facts. Gun control laws are very strict. There are only certain guns that are legal. The places that are generally under attack are gun free zones. The criminals and psychos know where they can do the most harm. People that intend to commit crimes with firearms will commit them. If not with firearms they will find something else. Gun control will never be enough for anti-gun groups. The abolishment of guns will never happen. There is no middle ground for either opinion. This issue will loom
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