Gun Control: Americans Should Have The Right To Bear Arms

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Gun Control Are you a person that has, or has ever had possession of a gun? People believe that the United States of America should have gun control. I do not believe that. I believe people should have the right to posses, and bear arms. The Second Amendment of the Constitution clearly states "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Humans having ownership of a gun is a American tradition, thus is older than the country itself, and the second amendment protects this tradition. If America was to enforce more gun control laws, thus would interfere with the second amendment. The Second Amendment is a right therefore a person is not forced…show more content…
The National Rifle Association states that guns are used for self defense 2.5 million times a year. Police are there to protect people, but they cannot protect everyone all the time. A survey from Pew Research shows that 61% of men and 56% of women stated that strict gun control laws make it hard for us to protect our families and homes. In thirty-seven U.S. states their constitution protects their rights to bear arms for self defense. For example Alabama 's states that "every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state." On May 9, 2013 felons took a survey which stated that 48% of felons did not commit crimes, if they knew that the victim was armed with a gun. Over 80% of men and women gun owners say having a position of a gun, makes them feel safer. For example in 1970 Dianne Feinstein who was a gun control advocate was threatened in her home, she had a concealed gun and used it to protect…show more content…
John Paul Stevens once said that "the Framer 's single-minded focus in crafting the constitutional guarantee 'to keep and bear arms ' was on military use of firearms, which they viewed in the context of service in state militias.” New York University School of Law shows that there is nothing about an individual’s right to bear arms the notes about the Second Amendment, when it was being created. The US Supreme Court declined to rule in favor of a persons right to bear arms four times between 1876 and 1939. From 1888 to 1959, all law articles on the second amendment stated that an individuals right to bear arms was not
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