Gun Control And The Second Amendment

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Even though the 2nd amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms, it was written prior to the technology capable of weapons today. Gun control laws are just as old or older than the Second Amendment (ratified in 1791).A few cases of gun control all through colonial America included criminalizing the exchange of guns to Catholics, slaves, indentured servants, and Native Americans; controlling the capacity of weapon powder in homes; prohibiting stacked weapons in Boston house. As Thomas Jefferson mentioned, "that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living": that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it. This shows us that laws should be for the living not for the dead. As our country evolves so should our laws. This is wrong how our government allows gun laws to slide by just because the constitution gives us the right to bear arms. Has anyone ever considered revising this outdated list of rights given to the citizens of the United States?
Gun control laws would reduce the societal costs associated with gun violence. Shootings in the United States have turned into an expensive illicit relationship. From the cost of medical care, investigations, and in many cases death. The evaluated cost could be in the billions every year. There has been an expansion in thefts in numerous areas, school shootings, and even suicide that involves the use of firearms. The current laws and regulations in place appear to be too weak. There must be better arrangements keeping in mind
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