Media Biases Against Gun Control

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Guns are crucial in American society. This is something many advocates of the 2nd Amendment and gun possession have been stating for decades. Although many believe that they have their own ideas about gun control in the US, they are not aware that their opinions are being influenced by biased media agencies. Not only is there pressure from the government, mass media cogitates their broadcasting information so that the public gets center minded by their theories, not leaving space for people to think in their own ways. An unbiased journalism is practically impossible, and this is proved and established by analyzing the truth of gun control news transmitted towards the public. With this in mind, there were three fundamental and major similarities in the schemes, consisting of word choice, exaggeration, and reporting of complete falsehood, between mainstream media that manipulate the public and maximize the biased coverage.
The first apparent form of media bias against gun control, is how word choice is frequently altered so the facts look worse than it actually is. The story is told by words obviously, so when the word choice is biased, the whole story could give a very different message and impression. One major method of using biased word choice by mainstream media, is the exclusion of words that might give an idea that goes against the media’s beliefs. One taboo phrase is “gun control.” The word control is inferred as to government overreach and this will leave a space for

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