Why Is Gun Control Bad

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Are guns really the problem? That is the question that comes to some people 's minds when someone thinks of gun control. If someone is being rude to someone else and they person being offended decides to blame the “offensive” clothes and not the rude comments. They decide to blame the problems on the clothes that the person is wearing. Then, is it really the clothes or the rude comments. The problems with gun control are seen the same way. If a teenager gets mad and decides to shoot a school, it 's not the guns fault that the person shot the people. The person just used that gun to commit the crime. The gun did not commit the crime. Gun control should not be changed because some people make bad decisions when guns are a big part of some people …show more content…

Shootings can be stopped by the shooters doctor or the person who sells a possible shooter the gun they use. “If a doctor suspects a person is thinking of something like murder. The doctor should have the ability to ask the patient if they have the access to a gun or weapon of any kind.” If a person has a mental issue that a doctor can find out about they should ask if they have access to guns. There are many things we need to do to stop these issues before we enhance gun laws. “ If a person is going to buy a gun and they say they do not care what kind of gun they buy or that they do not care what kind of bullets they get then the worker should not sell them the gun.” If this were to happen then the person buying the gun is probably going to use the gun and ditch it. They could also not know anything about guns and just want to cause harm to some people. “He said there have been break-ins in the area and he’s found people sleeping in the entryway to his business.” (Williams, 24) This explains how you never know what could happen. These people could decide to invade this person’s property and nobody is doing anything about it. “ Some residents for years have urged the city to add more police and increase patrol in the north main street area.” (Williams, 24) This can show that there is more than increasing gun control that will stop this problem if you increase cops in the places we need it then some things can

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