Gun Control Argument Essay

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33,000 people are killed in gun related incidents, in United States of America alone every year. This is a very staggering statistic knowing that the U.S. is only one country out of the 195 countries in the world today. This is due to several reasons. Shootings are becoming more and more common, guns are getting easier and easier to find, but most of all, the second amendment has reigned supreme in gun laws ever since the founding of America in 1776. Some believe that this is a terrible amendment to have our country live by, this group supports enforcing gun laws or even abolishing guns all together. This is not the only side of the argument though, there are opposers to enforcing gun laws that believe that there are already enough laws for buying guns and what you can do with them. The opposers also believe that we should focus more of our efforts on the mental health of the people instead of the guns they use. The debate on gun control is a very pressing matter. Some believe that the laws on gun control should be stricter, while others believe the laws should be looser for self-defense and hunting.…show more content…
Supporters of gun control believe that the Second Amendment is the reason for all gun violence in our great nation. One of the reasons for these beliefs is that since the Second Amendment protects the right to have guns, it empowers people to buy and feel safe with that gun when it is actually a lethal weapon. Supporters believe that this is the reason that the United States is the country with the highest gun to resident ratio at 112.6 guns per every 100 people ( With all these guns, there is a higher chance that the wrong person can get a hold of one and injure someone or themselves. Supporters also argue that the Second Amendment is the major reason why there are 33,000 deaths related to guns every year
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