Gun Control Argument

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Gun Control: an Argument Dating Back to Before 1776
The debate of gun control dates back 100s of years,and many people want to ban guns so that no one can have them. That statement is complete ignorance to what really goes on. The debate has many different viewpoints with some being as radical as banning guns to create a false sense of Utopia. The recent rise of school shootings has set off a spark of gun control debates that make little sense. What if the school shooter was met by a principal at the door who happened to be carrying a 9mm handgun under his suit where 99.9% of students did not even know it was there? Guns are a very prominent tool that when in the right hands can lead to the saving of people and hunting animals without any harm to any human beings. The argument that the country’s forefathers did not know that guns would eventually wind up revolutionized that misses the point completely. Their point was that guns just as much as having different branches of the government for the checks and balances that keep our government as stable and “for the people” together. Without guns people can not defend themselves from many daily events that happen to Americans all across the country. A country without guns takes away the citizens constitutional rights fought for by the generations before, leaving the people unarmed and helpless to tyranny.
Many people argue that students and everyday people should not be allowed to carry a gun. That statement is the same one said
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