Gun Control: An Argument Dating Back To Before 1776

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Gun Control: an Argument Dating Back to Before 1776 The debate of gun control dates back 100s of years,and many people want to ban guns so that no one can have them. That statement is complete ignorance to what really goes on. The debate has many different viewpoints with some being as radical as banning guns to create a false sense of Utopia. The recent rise of school shootings has set off a spark of gun control debates that make little sense. What if the school shooter was met by a principal at the door who happened to be carrying a 9mm handgun under his suit where 99.9% of students did not even know it was there? Guns are a very prominent tool that when in the right hands can lead to the saving of people and hunting animals without any harm…show more content…
Many people say that the real weapon used is rage. Guns are not bad things or good things. They are things, inanimate objects, chunks of metal with no will of their own (Medred 2). Why do we as a society not address mental illness more? The majority of all “school shooters” are misfits. The kids who were less physically mature than their peers who the compeat with attention for. They are loners and feel as if they are rejected by society. Before these loners lash out they show warning signs or make threats. Sometimes even they are goaded or bullied by their peers. 1 out of 4 children and teens has a mental issue at some point but less than 25 percent of the mental issues are ever treated Price 1-2). When there is a horrible instance like a shooting where a large number of people are killed their is a large amount of national attention where the government looks into how to treat these issues and possibly prevent future ones but shortly after the emotion and attention goes away so does the actions to prevent such events from taking place (Price 2). Kids now instead of solving their problems by duking it out in the backyard they are turning to more violent measures. Some of these measures are knives baseball bats boots and sometimes even guns. Instead of worrying so much about guns and how to ban them why does the government not spend more time supporting a mandatory enforced daily…show more content…
Shooters are weak people who when they are planning their attack target areas that are going to guarantee them the least amount of resistance. A college campus a school and even major work areas are “gun free zones”. This means that no one on the campus is allowed to have a gun there even with the proper documents allowing for a concealed carry or even an open carry once you are over the age of 21. In the case of the Virginia Tech shooting the previous year the school defeated the bill allowing lawful concealed carry on campus. With the passing of this bill it allowed for no one to be able to resist an armed attack with nothing but staplers and laptops. Once the Virginia Tech killer was on campus and began firing he killed 32 people, wounded 15 in nine minutes and still missed 73 percent of his shots and had 200 rounds remaining. Suddenly he realized that armed officers were approaching he turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Now what would have happened if once the shooter walked on campus and was met with one to two students that were concealed carrying. It would have saved many lives and if the school had passed the bill allowing students and professors to conceal carry it could have deterred the attack all together. Gun free zones appeal to only two groups of people: the utopian minded anti gun crowd and the killers with guns (Burnett 1-2). Many people think that guns on a
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