Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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Indispensable or Ineffective: The Influence of Gun Control on Society’s Wellbeing Gun violence leads to more than 31,000 deaths and 78,000 nonfatal injuries every year according to Dewey Cornell, a forensic clinical psychologist at the University of Virginia. Many of the most horrific cases of gun violence are mass shootings, which appear to be growing more frequent. Even though there have been multiple publicized massacres that have taken place in recent years (such as Sandy Hook, Aurora, and other mass shootings) there is little awareness of the growing controversy of how to prevent these incidents and others involving gun violence in the public. This controversy has led to the continued debate of gun-control. Peter Tucci, a free-lance journalist form the Daily Caller, argues against the establishment of more gun-control saying that it is not efficacious, widespread gun ownership protects citizens, and that gun control does not ensure the safety of the public. However, there is extensive research that suggests that the very opposite is true. The implementation of stricter gun control laws is now more important than ever because they are they are an effective means to reduce crimes and widespread gun ownership is deleterious to the safety of the public. The most frequently used argument against gun-control is that these laws simply are not effective. This is far from the truth as gun control has actually been shown to lower crimes rates. According to Daniel Webster, the
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