Gun Control Argumentative Report

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a Bloom A prodigious amount of attention has been drawn to gun crime after many mass shootings in 2015. A mass shooting is defined by the FBI as four or more people shot and/or killed in a single event at the same general time and location (Gun Violence Archive). According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, 371 mass shootings took place in 2015 alone-- leaving 1,387 people wounded and 469 dead. Gun control has become an enduring dispute with many proponents for both sides. Congress needs to find a way to assure that the right to bear arms is protected, but also legally keep guns out of the hands of certain people. Some people believe that felons and individuals considered to be mentally diminished should be prevented from owning any firearms; while others believe in unrestricted rights to bear arms under the Second Amendment.…show more content…
People who have been convicted of non-violent felonies, such as trespassing or insurance fraud, should still have the opportunity to earn their privileges back after going crime-free for a specific amount of time. They have already served time for their wrong-doings and they never severely hurt someone, so they should continue to keep their “rights”. When intentional pain or harm is inflicted against another individual during a crime, it is considered to be violent. Those who have committed criminal homicides, such as manslaughter or murder, should completely lose the right to bear arms without any chances of reconsideration. If they killed somebody once, chances are they will kill twice. Murderers pose a potential threat to society, even after they’ve served their time-- Allowing guns back into their hands could end up fatal. There have been many debates on what can legally be done to keep firearms away from individuals diagnosed with mental illness. After many mass shootings committed by individuals diagnosed with mental
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