Gun Control Arguments

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The argument over gun control in the United States has extended for decades. Gun controls are laws and policies that regulate the use, manufacture and trafic of guns. Over the course of almost eighty-two years, gun control has become stricter due to mass shootings, suicide rates and criminalistic acts involving guns. However, there is still controversy amongst citizens of the United States over gun control. Many people have a different perspective over the use of guns. Although guns are extremely dangerous, americans find that they can be used for self-defense and recreational purposes (hunting, practicing in shooting ranges, etc.) With so much controversy over gun use and recent crimes, the policies and regulations of gun control have…show more content…
Even with the malfunction of gun control in some states, other states choose to follow regulations showing succesful results. In 1911, the Sullivan Act allowed New Yorkers to bring licensed and concealed guns with them. The National Firearms Act of 1934 and 1938 established a tax for the manufacture and transportation of specific firearms, demanded registration for those firearms, regulated buying and selling of machine guns and also required licensing of gun dealers. Currently, the NFA and the ATF (Bareau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms) are in charge of the registrations. Then in 1968, the Gun Control Act was made, regulating firearm owners and the firearm industry. The Gun Control Act also prohibits firearm transportation if not done by a licensed manufacterer, dealer or importer. In 1990 and 1994, two of the most important gun control laws were passed. The Crime Control Act (1990) prohibited the use/possesion of firearms on school property, and the Brady Bill (1994) required a 5 day waiting period while a background check was conducted on a buyer. The in 1999, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act passed a law that prohibited the use of semiautomatic weapons and made trigger locks mandatory on all firearms and machine guns. Altogether, Gun Control has made important regulations that help prevent gun violence and ilegal use of guns if enforced…show more content…
The first time the amendment was brought to the Supreme Court, it was stated that the amendment "has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the government." The Second Amendment was brought to the Supreme Court five times, and altogether judges declared that "a state cannot prohibit the people therein from keeping and bearing arms to an extent that would deprive the United States of the protection afforded by them as a reserve military force." Then in 2008, in the case Supreme Court vs. Heller, the Second Amendment was brought to judges for a clear call on the context. There, the Supreme Court declared that the Second Amendment was indeed made to protect individual rights to own a gun for personal defense. Now, the NRA uses the Second Amendment as a way to protect itself, and even changes the meaning of the amendment to its favor. Even after the final decision on the amendment from the Supreme Court, people believe that the amendment is not practical. There is still a debate over the context and the efficiency of the Second Amendment between

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