Anti Gun Control

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The argument over gun control in the United States has extended for decades. Gun controls are laws and policies that regulate the use, manufacture and trafic of guns. Over the course of almost eighty-two years, gun control has become stricter due to mass shootings, suicide rates and criminalistic acts involving guns. However, there is still controversy amongst citizens of the United States over gun control. Many people have a different perspective over the use of guns. Although guns are extremely dangerous, americans find that they can be used for self-defense and recreational purposes (hunting, practicing in shooting ranges, etc.) With so much controversy over gun use and recent crimes, the policies and regulations of gun control have …show more content…

On average, 12,000 US citizens get murdered through homocides alone yearly. Not only is this number alarming, but the availability of guns in the United States is dangerous as well. When inmates from several prisons were asked where they obtained guns, they had many mixed answers that can be distressing to the safety of citizens. Overall, the survey showed that 56% of inmates paid for their guns (legally or ilegally), 15% claimed that the gun was a gift, 8% had a trade deal for the gun and 5% claimed that they had stolen the gun. Only 8% of America's 124,000 legal gun dealers have sold guns that have participated in crimes. Even more, developed and high-income countries …show more content…

As for suicide rates, there have been 21,175 firearm suicides, almost all being comitted with a household gun or a relative's gun. Not only that, but firearm suicide is one of the most common ways of suicide across the United States. Even more, data from 2012 showed that 64% of gun deaths were suicides, different than the 2006 data that showed the decrease (57%). However, gun control is not able to decrease firearm suicide. If gun control were to be stricter, there still wouldn't be any control over a persons decisions, unless firearms would be completly out of reach for citizens. Gun control laws should be reinforced and practiced in all states regardless of how many shootings take place. Furthermore, suicide rates have increased, and in general there is no actual control over suicide with gun

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