Gun Control Effectiveness Essay

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Gun Control: Effectiveness After the mass shooting in San Bernardino and the one in Umpqua community College, it seems that there is no safe place in the United States. Gun control is a trending topic nowadays. Some believe that passing stricter gun regulations may reduce similar tragedies in the future, others oppose to this. The aim of this paper is to present arguments to prove the ineffectiveness of gun control laws. According to the second amendment of the constitution of the United States of America, the citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. This passage has been used for gun control advocates and gun control opponents alike; both parties agree that not all citizens should be allowed to own guns. People opposed to gun control legislation think that all upcoming legislations should be focused on mental health problems. They acknowledge that there is no gun problem in the U.S, we just have a cultural problem. Americans feel safer having a gun at home, in some homes in the U.S. they own a gun for extra protection. A recent poll conducted by The New York Times/ CBS, shows us that Americans are less worried about a mass shooting taking place in the area where they live. Guns do not kill human beings; people are the ones who kill their peers. The National Rifle Association claims that stronger gun laws will take guns away from law-abiding citizens and might leave guns in the hands of dangerous criminals. Worldwide, there are not perfect regulations to control the sale of black market handguns. In the United States, buying a handgun is kind of an easy task. People over 18 years old can walk into a store, pay for a gun and walk outside with a firearm in their hands. No one legislation can avoid that a gun bought by…show more content…
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