Gun Control In America

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Guns In America
Crimes, violence, suicides, and deaths. If no action is taken those subjects that have relations with guns will go up, America needs to take action. Gun control will not take away gun rights. It will empower laws to get guns to the right citizens. Once again America needs to and should enforce gun control and reduce crimes, violence, suicides, and deaths.
Guns have been part of America’s history since the beginning.”Some examples of gun control throughout colonial America included criminalizing the transfer of guns to Catholics, slaves, indentured servants, and Native Americans” - Supreme Court of the United States syllabus. Although many people have guns in their household. Many people want stricter gun laws.They want gun control to secure the safety of the families and friends. If the government decides to pass these laws it would include background checks on everyone who tries purchasing a firearm, who can carry them only certain people will be able to carry them. where can the firearms be carried, like what public places like stores and restaurants. Also what kinds of guns would be able to be purchased. One could agree that there is percentage small of people in the U.S do not know how gun control works. Gun control will include regulated interstate, licensing provisions and also stricter licensing. Together with those laws, there will also be a law that prohibits the sale of firearms. In addition, there will be no selling of ammunition to felons and

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