Gun Control In America Pros And Cons

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The United States has more than 3 million population, accounting for about 6 percent of the world’s population. But the U.S. shooting rampage accounts for nearly 31 percent. Although many people try to carry out some policies about gun control, such as Obama and Clinton, but neither of them is successful. Many people may think why gun control is such a controversial issue in America. I think there is a wide array of obstacles and the NRA (National Rifle Association of America) plays a vital role in these obstacles. The National Rifle Association of America was established in 1871. After a long time management, statistics show that it has become a decisive organization which has nearly 4 million members and holds numerous money even could influence the US presidential election. In 2000, Gore and George Walker Bush competed with the presidential election. At last, Gore lost it, and many people believe Gore’s proposal of gun control may be the reason why he would lose to George Walker Bush who is a lifelong member of the NRA and got full support from this organization. Another example happened in 2012, during this year’s presidential election, Obama’s 12% campaign funds are from the NRA and Romney’s 80% political donations is from it. So, under this circumstance,…show more content…
The government wants to set up some laws to reduce the gun violence, but under the force of NRA, they gave it up. The turning point occurred in 1968. At that time, government passed the 1968 Gun Control Act which drew high attention of the NRA. This year, the NRA was dedicated to object to gun control and lead to none of national gun control acts can be carried out between 1968 and 1988. All the above examples can show us a strong and powerful organization——the NRA, due to its interference in many fields. The difficulty of setting up gun control acts is greatly increased. This is why gun control is a controversial issue in
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