Problems In School

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Given that guns can be distracting and dangerous, other solutions have been found that tackle safety inside of schools, not only against shooters. For example, what happens when a student attacks a school with a bomb or drives a van into students. Giving a gun to a teacher cannot solve both these crises. Similar to how some medications help treat a symptom, such as a headache, but they do nothing to cure the disease as a whole. A teacher with a gun solves one symptom, but these solutions work to cure the disease. One disease treatment involves anti-bullying. In an interview with Wahlert Catholic Principle, Ron Meyers, he assessed, “The obvious solution is to build a culture where people take care of each other. We treat each other with respect…show more content…
Mental health has been a quickly growing issue in the United States, especially with the rise of social media. Anxiety and depression are found more commonly than ever. All school shooters are deranged to some extent in their mental health, and a key step that people can take towards assisting with mental health issues involves awareness. In the Parkland shooting, the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, showed many signs that he might be mentally unstable. Georgia Wells, an author for The Wall Street Journal Online, noted, “Months earlier, a user by the name of ‘nikolas cruz’ posted images on Instagram of guns, bullets and a dead frog. Separately, a user by the name of ‘nikolas cruz’ posted a comment on a YouTube video, saying: ‘I 'm going to be a professional school shooter.’” Actions like Nikolas’ should have sparked serious action, but even the FBI did not think his threat was serious enough to do something about. Not only did Nikolas’ prior actions show him to be mentally ill, but they display that he posed a threat to schools. Had another student or the FBI agent who briefly investigated him seen signs like this, measures should have been taken immediately. Going forth from this tragic event, students need to notify someone the second they even hear a rumor. A rough mental state may not be obvious the first second upon meeting someone, but they can be noticed over time. Although not all mentally ill people pose large threats, but being aware of a disorder can help get a person the treatment they desperately
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