Gun Control In Schools

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Given that guns can be distracting and dangerous, other solutions have been found that tackle safety inside of schools, not only against shooters. For example, what happens when a student attacks a school with a bomb or drives a van into students. Giving a gun to a teacher cannot solve both these crises. Similar to how some medications help treat a symptom, such as a headache, but they do nothing to cure the disease as a whole. A teacher with a gun solves one symptom, but these solutions work to cure the disease. One disease treatment involves anti-bullying. In an interview with Wahlert Catholic Principle, Ron Meyers, he assessed, “The obvious solution is to build a culture where people take care of each other. We treat each other with respect and offer assistance when needed.” This solution seems a lot easier since government and new legislation does not need to get involved, yet actually getting people to be more respectful to each other has proven to be quite a difficult task. Clearly, instances like these would not occur had people supported one another and been friendlier. A large part of the reason why Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked their own school came from how badly they got bullied. Classmates admitted to covering the boys with ketchup at lunch once and even throwing a cup of feces like substance at Eric. According to Greg Toppo of the USA Today, in one of Eric’s last journal entries he wrote, “I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things.

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