Gun Control In Universities

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University Gun Control: A Tale of Three Stories Only a few decades ago the topic of gun control on universities was non-existent. It was a given that the possession of firearms was not only allowed but required as per the government and university legislation being that having a prepared militia at that point in time was a necessity. Given a drastic change in circumstances a century and a few decades’ later, weapons were completely prohibited from universities. In the past two decades alone catastrophic events, such as the Virginia Tech Massacre, have had a drastic influence on the policies of legislation. In aim to prevent these unfortunate events a few theories have been raised which consist of prohibiting guns, allowing firearm carry…show more content…
An argument towards the fewer guns approach is noted by saying that a shooter whom approaches a location on campus in which weapons are prohibited will minimize the possibility of someone being able to defend themselves, allowing a shooter to feel untouchable; if students were allowed to legally handle weapons they would have the potential to interfere and attempt to prevent a shooter from performing more harm (Birnbaum; Bouffard et al. ). Clayton Cramer, an American historian and professor, supports Birnbaums statement by arguing that if laws prohibiting firearm carry existed there would be nobody legally armed to fight back and protect the people around him in the state of an emergency (Cramer). The most obvious argument pro gun activists assert is the Second Amendment. Pro gun theorists believe that handling a weapon is a perpetual right that must not contain exceptions solely when a student is on a campus (Birnbaum). In other words, they argue that our rights, which have existed for centuries, are freedoms which we have not only been privileged to obtain but have earned as Americans. Students must not be deprived of these rights for simply being thought of as young and vulnerable as well as bringing hostility to a campus meant to allow a student to feel safe and…show more content…
Whether guns are permitted or not all types of people will still manage to possess these firearms with purpose of protection, recreation or purposes we might fear to imagine. The authors of the three articles referenced were all in agreement that neither allowing nor prohibiting firearms will prevent a disturbed, angry or mentally ill human being from attacking innocent people. Until both sides are able to meet one another halfway and universities take measures necessary to promote a safer and secure environment campuses will remain vulnerable to these catastrophic
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