Gun Control Is A Social Issue Essay

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SECTION 1: My Social Issue – Gun Control

The problem I will be discussing is Gun Control in the United States. The recent mass shootings has raised the level of outrage to the point of stricter gun laws being enacted by President Obama and Congress. I decided on this topic as a former member of the US ARMY with tour of duty in Afghanistan and currently working towards a career in law enforcement. I have seen up close and personal what guns can do in the wrong hands and the lives that are devastated because of the senseless use of a weapon of protection. I believe in the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States was designed by the forefathers to give us capability to protect ourselves, families, home and property. What the constitution did not giver is the right to do harm to others. Gun control activists use the system blame approach when discussing mass shootings and such; instead of blaming individuals committing the crime, they blame current gun laws. If gun control activists believed that it was the shooter 's fault for ultimately committing the crime, instead of the blaming the actual gun laws, then they would be taking the
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A balanced point of view is necessary. The subject matter of sociology is society, not the individual. Social determinants of human behavior must be answered by analysis of social structure. When addressing the troubles that people have, sociologists point out that many factors stem from overall problems at the group, society or cultural level rather than at the individual level. In order to solve such problems, it becomes important to move away from individual behavior and to consider group or collective behavior. Since correctly identifying the problem 's source is part of creating an effective solution, it makes sense to consider how collective behavior may be contributing to the personal troubles of
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